Pac Enterprise Agreement

Prince Alfred College`s vision is inspirational excellence; a university that stimulates learning and maximizes opportunities for students. Ensuring that every boy receives a quality education is a top priority for us. Information for the partners and families of ADF members. Professional development opportunities are exploited both internally and through external suppliers. A copy of the Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010 (the „Price“) included in the proposed agreement; Coal Mining Industry Long Service Leave Information Click here We believe our employees are the key to our success and encourage employees to develop new ideas to ensure we continually improve. Coal-EA 2019 contains a revised classification structure. If you are affected by this change in the classification structure, we will reclassify your role based on the new classification structure. This is outlined in a new communication on the job offer. For example, if you are a skilled craftsman or a „multi-skilled operator,“ you will be reclassified to a Level 4 as part of the 2019 Coal EA. WorkPac is pleased to redeploy this new 2019 Coal EA, which offers considerable benefits for our coal staff.

More resources can be found on this page below for more details on the provisions of the new coal-EA 2019. Your classification, your type of job z.B. casual/permanent, and all general questions regarding your rights under the agreement . Training and development Prince Alfred College attaches great importance to learning and development. We strive to provide opportunities for personal development and strive to help each employee reach their full potential. We encourage employees to continuously develop their skills, knowledge and expertise. We are pleased to inform you that the Fair Work Commission has approved coal-EA 2019. The provisions of the new coal agreement will therefore come into force in 2019. Click below to download a copy of the casual conversion application to a permanent job form to explore current job offers, click here. For general requests for opportunities at Prince Alfred College, please contact or call the Human Resources Department on 61 8334 1200. a briefing paper entitled „Explanatory Notes“ explaining the terms of the proposed agreement in relation to the current agreement and the arbitration award; Try the new ADF Pay and Conditions BETA WEBSITE, we design a website that is easier to use and understand.

For a copy of the agreement, click here or, alternatively, you can also contact your WorkPac representative or the local WorkPac business center. Fair Work Act 2009, which contains National Employment Standards (NES), click here Positive Work Environment We are working hard to create a positive and rewarding work environment for all employees. We have a wellness program, access to a personal trainer and university gymnasium, we hold various wellness courses and personal social events. We believe we celebrate our successes by rewarding and recognizing the contributions of our employees. We have a great vision and a bold strategic plan that is communicated to all employees. We believe our employees succeed at our university, and we strive to create a culture that improves the lives of all employees. You can access the Australian and New Zealand testing methods AS4760, AS/NZ 4308 and/or AS3547 by contacting the personnel relations department at 1800 019 194 or by emailing updated communication of the offer for CMWs with a rate increase or a revised classification structure as a priority. We advise our miners (CMW) to visit this website regularly to inform them of the progress of the agreement. Minimum rates and conditions for the coal Mine Workers (or CMW) base rate and packages will be in line with the 2019 agreement.