Horse Lease Agreement Template

4 The owner of the horse is not responsible for accidents or injuries of persons or animals that come into contact with the horse mentioned above during the duration of the lease. 9. The possibility of extending the rent tenant may have the option to extend this tenancy if the request is made in writing thirty (30) days before the expiry of the term of this tenancy, provided however that this horse is available for rent. The exercise of the option, if any, is confirmed in writing by the parties and is added as an amendment. Any renewed lease has the same conditions and provisions and is included as a reference in this option. 10. In the event of a substantial violation of this agreement by one party, the other party may denounce it; However, provided that notification of this substantial violation is addressed to the party by authenticated email in the event of a violation of the violation. 11. Agreement This agreement is the whole agreement between the contracting parties. Horse Leases are widely used in the field of horse riding and racing. It is also useful for people who, for some reason, are not willing to buy a horse – a temporary deal may be the best option for you to develop a one-to-one relationship with the animal without the responsibility that comes with the purchase itself. Any agreement to lease a horse should record the duration of the contract, the price of the lease, the negotiated veterinary follow-up of the animal, the description of prohibited activities, insurance details, authorized riders, the frequency of shows and trips, the transport and return of the animal, and a termination clause.

Decide whether the lease will be on site or off the field – the horse will be housed at the location indicated by the owner or at the location of the tenant`s choice. The owner must indicate the ownership of the horse in the document, preferably by referring to the documentation proving the possession and indicating all the information of the horse – name, breed, registration number, color, age and sex. If you decide to lend it to a horse, you must compile a document that works for the benefit of both parties and also for the horse. Rental registration form Landlord/owner`s name tenant`s name (as registered in the contest) Date of validity of the U.S. Riding Federation lease agreement – all things Reitsport usef – Membership – Member of the city-state. … 6 Talk to a lawyer about commercial contracts and legal documents. Visit for more horse care and business forms.

Cosysalon Stand / Station lease agreement valid from the date of the , between: Name of hairdresser address: (owner) – and name of stylist address: (tenant) for and taking into account mutual promises and… A horse rental contract is a legal document that lists the obligations and responsibilities of both parties concerned (landlord and taker) in the rental of a horse. If you need a template for horse rental contracts, you can download one below or create a custom document with our online form builder. If your membership has expired and you want to extend, go to our secure registration page. Forgotten password? If you are an up-to-date member and have forgotten your password, enter your email address below and your password will be emailed to you. Subscribe again today and get it all and more. Membership is affordable and you can choose between annual or monthly membership plans. Sign up now with our secure online order form. 3 6. Registered owner Horse owner guarantees that this horse is free of all pawn rights or charges. The horse included in this lease remains the only property of the owner of the horse and the tenant has no right, title or loan to another part of that horse, except as shown here.

The tenant will not lend, rent or transfer the horse or a horse right without the prior written consent of the horse owner, whose permission may be retained at the sole discretion of the horse`s owner.